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Infinite Incantation » Infinite Incantation 1.0 Release!

We have seen all of the feedback and we feel the game has approached what we consider to be a good state for a full release. This does not mean updates will end– we anticipate more feedback after this update, so feel free to bring up discussion on the forums. And who knows, there might be more content to come in the future 😉

New Level!
  • Introducing a new “Level 3” – Borzoi Blizzard
  • A snow level with all-new enemies: Gnomes, Ants, WolfHounds, and Feather Stars, each with their own patterns and behaviours
  • New achievements for this level, too
New Features
  • The Spell card in the lower left now shows when it’s about to drastically change – the more you Mutate a spell in quick succession, the more likely it is to change the Spell Archetype.
  • This will help you feel more in-control, as you can more clearly see how the mechanics work
  • The game will let you know of your next possible achievements in the upper right of the HUD, so your level performance and how it relates to the results screen is clearer
  • You can now rebind Spell selection from 1, 2, and 3 on the keyboard
  • New Spell Archetypes: Laser (an Archetype that is mostly the laser effect), Helix, Rain, Stick, and Hyperbolic Barrage
  • New Achievements: Having a high money multiplier while beating each level
New Spell Effects!
  • Every element can now come in Laser form, allowing you to tear through enemies as if they were paper- oh, wait
  • Lasers can either appear on spell projectiles or spawn on spell expiry
  • Each laser applies the special effect of every element as well
  • Lasers can be cast directly, or when the spell expires
Gameplay and Balancing
  • The old “Level 3” – Vagrant’s Volcano, is now Level 4
  • Vagrant’s Volcano enemies, patterns, and difficulty have been adjusted accordingly
  • The final boss of Vagrant’s Volcano has been vastly improved
  • Various tweaks and adjustments
Optimization and Visuals
  • There are now graphics quality settings to turn down in case things are still getting a little framey
  • Blood Hunt effects are now clearer and more expressive
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue where you could sometimes mutate a spell and nothing would change
  • Stopped certain objects from disappearing when partially offscreen
  • Fixed researched card from increasing in size when spamming the research button
  • Fixed issue where you could change spells by clicking on the hotbar while paused (though you can still change spells by clicking on the hotbar while the game is running normally)
  • Various small bug fixes and tweaks
  • Pressed The Button

Edit: 1.0.1 hotfix is out, make sure to update! Just some minor balancing and fixes.