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Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors » Incoming Update + OST Release

I am excited to announce that an update will come in around two months that will add new worlds/bosses. Unfortunately, the game still lacks the momentum necessary for Steam to allow us to release community items so hopefully this update should rake in enough ‘traction’ for Steam to make it happen. But if not, at the very least you’ll still be getting 8 new worlds & bosses in batches of 2-3 new worlds every few weeks starting mid-January. The official soundtrack for the game is now live on Steam for those interested.

In the meantime, I’ll be dropping a couple of patches and bug fixes. For those interested in unlocking the secret boss, you’ll be able to hold left mouse to stop your weapons from firing. Most importantly though, ITT I want you guys to give me your suggestions for worlds/enemies/balance changes. Currently, I’ve only got about a third of the new content drafted out so I’ve got room for some of your suggestions to be integrated into the game.

tl;dr wordswordswords

– GoonCorp