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Atomicrops » In Public Test Now, Update 1.7.0!!

Why hello there, farmers!

Have you ever missed the ol’ days when Atomicrops had just been planted into the soil and had the previous sowing system? Say no more because you can now try the new “Classic Mode” on the public-test branch! That and some more notes can be found here:


  • Added ‘Classic Mode’ – Miss seed scrolls? Hate that nerdy worm? Enjoy all the new content and bug fixes in Deerly Beloved, but with the classic farming system. Compete against other classic enthusiast in separate Classic Leaderboards. To enable Classic Mode, interact with the Phonograph near the Dailies Butterfly. Note: there is no classic mode for Oregacrow.

    Balance, Changes & Tweaks

  • Balancing: Butcher’s Bayonet does more damage and always drops 1-4 fertilizer
  • Bug fix: Zombies can now damage player
  • Bug fix: Fixed frog shop not refreshing properly between runs

Patch 1

  • Added ‘Participation Trophy’ to classic mode
  • Bug Fix – the worm’s crop leveling item pools save and load properly
  • Bug Fix – Classic labels added