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Spellbook Demonslayers » Improvements to Charms, and Corrupted & Smuggler’s Shrines! [July 12 Update]

July 12 Update
  • Charm chests now let you choose between 2 charms, instead of giving you a random one.
  • Charms now drop more often, and the drop rate difference between the 3 maps is now less severe.
Gamble Changes

Gambling at the Smuggler Shrine no longer gives a chance to gain Astral Flowers. It now always drops a random kind of reward, and between 7 and 13 recovery orbs. It no longer costs Astral Flowers.

Possible Rewards:

  • Upgrade Chest
  • Demon Chest
  • Charm Chest
  • 7 Flower Chest
  • Spawn this wave’s Elites again (Drops items, works with +Elite Amount)

The “Illegal Spell Multiplier +15%” effect of Sly’s Smuggle passive has been changed to “The Smuggler’s Gamble option is replaced with the option to gain Illegal Spell Multiplier +30%.” (still drops resource orbs as well)

Corrupted Shrines

There are now 5 different types of Corrupted Shrines:

  • Spell Slinger: Fires projectiles at the player.
  • Chilling: Reduces how fast you can move (does not affect actual stats).
  • Recovery Jammer: Reduced HP / Shield / Mana Recovery (does not affect actual stats).
  • Horde: Greatly increases Demon Spawn Rate.
  • Ambush: All demons spawn from spawn warnings.
Other Changes and Fixes
  • The default dash distance on enemies has been reduced by 20%.
  • Hellhound’s Stasis effect is now +77% Move Speed instead of +77% Move Speed Multiplier.
  • Reduced the player’s maximum controllable movement speed (does not affect stats)
  • Fixed an issue where some descriptions that were displaying localization tags instead of text.
  • Fixed an issue where Bounty Hunter’s mutation was showing the description of Acrobatics’ mutation.
  • Added a keyword tooltip for Dodge.