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Impact » Impact: Fall Of Cratland Update now on Steam

“Update 0.7.0 comes with a lot of madness.

We are starting a new season in this update. Introducing “Fall Of Cratland”! With the Fall Of Cratland update, new captives, new events, new abilities, new items, new costumes and new interfaces are added to IImpact. And with the collaboration of Running With Scissors, Postal Dude, the popular character of the Postal series, is also added to Impact as a captive.

Lambert’s Adventure

Lambert was the son of the king of Cratland. Lambert also had two siblings (Princess and Terblam). But Terblam had a disease never seen before. The disease was consuming Lambert’s brother. Lambert was trained in black magic at a young age, at the behest of his father. When Lambert turned 14, he realized the truth about his brother’s illness. This so-called disease was actually a curse.

v0.7.0 Tweaks and fixes