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Mechabot Defender » I’m back + new beta branch

Hey everyone, sorry for the hiatus. I took some time away from the game to work on various other projects that, to be honest, never really amounted to anything. But the break was highly necessary, as I was beginning to completely burn out on this game. Thankfully, returning to work on the game has been a relatively painless experience, and I’ve made some changes that will hopefully make the game more enjoyable.

I’m not going to go into detail here, as the update hasn’t been released on the main branch yet, and there will be a separate post containing all of the patch notes. HOWEVER, you can now play the latest update of the game on the BETA BRANCH (right click the game in your library > properties > betas > select the beta branch)

Every time I get feedback on the game, it’s always extremely valuable. So if you have any suggestions or encounter any issues, or even if you think a certain upgrade isn’t balanced right — let me know! There’s a link to the Discord and a Google Form via the game’s main menu.

>Keybinds have been (temporarily) removed because they were causing some weird issues. I’ll try fix this in the future, but they are currently not a priority.