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ICEwall » ICEwall won awards at Spillprisen 2022!

Spillprisen 2022 is a Norwegian game awards ceremony that ran last weekend. A ceremony celebrating the Norwegian games industry and games released in the year of 2022, a year we mostly had a large group of smaller and very varied types of indie games released.

ICEwall won big and went home with two awards:
Game of the year
Best game design

When I knew about the nominees I did dare to hope I was a contender for the award for Best game design, but also winning the Game of the year award was absolutely surprising and beyond expectations! Thank you everyone who has played my game and who has liked it!


I am currently deep into my next game project. That project will be my main priority this year, and I even got funding to do it, which is awesome!

With that said, it has been some time now since I released and updated ICEwall. I still do occasionally make notes, doodles and work on a concept for a potentially new future ICEwall game, and I have an idea for what a continuation of the “ICEwall saga” can be. And as I now have some time off from having worked on it, I also feel it’s easier to see the strengths and weaknesses of that game, and what I would like to improve on and do differently for a new game. The awards I now won has definitely stoked the flames and motivated me to want to do more, it’s a lot of fun making these kinds of games!

I am making no promises, but maybe maybe maybe… stay tuned for my future games!