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IDIOTIC (The Game) » I knew it! Small hotfix for Destruction map

You know that feeling when you and another person say ‘bye’ to each other and then continue to walk in the same direction? Well anyways, here’s what’s fixed this time:

* Destruction’s Mini Arenas getting stuck without dropping the barrier sometimes
* Destruction’s Mini Arenas having a chance for the first few stages to spawn 52 drones instead of 2 (deadly typo)
* Destruction’s Mini Arenas ending the arena too early
* Destruction’s Mini Arenas not clearing all enemies around the map before starting the first wave (that moment when the last enemy you have to kill is a drone that’s just watching you slaughter it’s friends through the mistwalls without being able to do anything and then you just stare at each other because there’s a wall between you and you can’t do anything to each other at all. Not talking from experience at all)
* Removed debugging god mode option from the main build :p