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TYPECAST » I added Pause.

After getting a few requests I decided to add a pause menu. You may be thinking “what kind of moron would make a game without a pause menu?”. I’m that moron, but let me explain.

I wanted to avoid situations where players could pause the game, and see all of the letters on screen, and effectively cheat, and I thought the runs would be short enough for most players to not really need a pause function. Turns out I was wrong. But hey, whatever, I’ve been wrong before and I will be wrong again.

My solution is… fine? I don’t love it but it gets the job done. When pausing the screen goes black so you can’t see the enemies. The dumb part is that to unpause its a two step process. You have to click “unpause” then click your Orb. The clicking of the orb is necessary otherwise you would instantly teleport to wherever your mouse position is, and the chances of you taking damage from that is like 100%. Your mouse HAS to be where the Orb is.

Anyway, you probably don’t care about all of that. The only thing that matters is you can pause the game, unpause, edit settings from the pause menu, and quit from the pause menu.

I desperately hope this doesn’t break anything.
EDIT: Its me from the future. It broke a ton of stuff.