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Mechabot Defender » HUGE UPDATE + Improved Controller Support

Hey everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on a massive update for the game, including some much needed polish and controller support.

As always, big updates like these are bound to introduce some bugs and issues, but I’ve tried my best to catch everything.

Here are the major patch notes:

> A new character to unlock and play as – The Archmaster.
> Four completely new and unique TURRET CLASSES including a Flamethrower and a Cluster Bomb turret.
> Complete UI overhaul
> New main menu art
> Character portraits for the character select screen!
> New music (and more on the way!)
> Keybinds work now! And you can now use the keybind menu with a controller, speaking of…
> Controllers are now fully supported with customizable keybinds and an improved aiming system while tethered to turrets
> Tethering to turrets now costs energy but gives you a speed boost and improved fire rate, as well as Bullet time.
> New achievement icons
> New grading system and defeat/victory screen

There were a ton of other small changes and bug fixes along the way, but overall Mechabot is in a much stronger and stable place now.

Please beware that unplugging or plugging in a controller while the game is running can cause major issues and bugs that can cause the game to crash – I’m working on it.

I’ve got a lot planned for the future of Mechabot, mainly more content and more polish, but if you encounter any bugs or crashes please make it known in the Steam discussions!