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Fabric Of Reality » HUGE UPDATE! (2.0)

Added 10 Quintillion procedural custom card skins (I’m not kidding)
Added the ability to customize the skin of every rarity of card
Added the option to set a card skin randomly every run
Added a dynamic soundtrack that evolves randomly throughout a run
Added 4 new backgrounds
Added 4 new sprites for every enemy (400 sprites total)
Added a leaderboard for highest wave reached
Added a leaderboard for fastest wave 100 clear (Old scores won’t be present)
Added a leaderboard for most gold gained by wave 100 (Old scores won’t be present)
Added a leaderboard for highest difficulty wave 100 clear (Old scores won’t be present)
Added a daily challenge that varies in difficulty based on the weekday. The daily challenge is to reach wave 50 with a preset gamemode combination and character and rewards a card skin if won
Added a skin customisation option for characters that lets users select a skin and 2 colors for each character
Added 19 character skins
Added 45 color options for character skins
Added a death effect for enemies, breaking them into chunks
Added a referral system that lets users enter codes and earn more skins / colors for characters. Each referral rewards 1 new skin and 2 new colors!
The No-Filler gamemode has been replaced with the Filler gamemode
Replaced 15 filler card upgrades on the tech tree with new upgrades
Added a search bar to the tech tree
Added the ability to refresh cards on the level up screen (With tech tree upgrades)
Added the ability to banish cards on the level up screen (With tech tree upgrades)
You can now boost as long as you have more than 0 boost remaining
A small sound now plays in-game when a card levels up
Added sound effects for Ultimates
Added a sound effect for when a bullet isn’t fired due to gamemodes / OP penalties
Being OP no longer nerfs your stats but rather increases the odds of not firing bullets
Currently active gamemodes are now displayed on the pause screen
Replaced the ult status effect related tech tree upgrades
Bullets from your ultimate now have a chance to be inflicted with status effects
Buffed ult charge rate
Reduced the amount of enemies spawned in the first 5 waves and reduced their health to prevent pile up of enemies
Reduced the XP requirements to level up for the first time
Border requirements are now based on the circle that tech tree upgrades are in
Increased gold gain
You no longer gain less gold on earlier waves
Practice mode no longer reduces gold gain below 1x
You now gain more gold from gamemodes
Certain combinations of gamemodes now reduce gold gain (Knockforward + Immune for instance)
Changed the formula for calculating the difficulty score
Added cloud saving and loading
Re-structured the options menu
Added tooltips to the options menu
Added an option to use the default music in-game instead of the new dynamic music
Added an option to toggle the custom background
Added an option to toggle health bar numbers
Added an option to toggle enemy chunks (Enemies break into chunks upon death)
Added an option to adjust background brightness
The card stat window now stays open while hovering over it with your cursor
You can now hover over stats on the card stat window to see a ranking of every card in your deck by that stat
You now start with 10 unlocked slots to make up for the removal of filler cards
Game music now very slightly increases in pitch every 10 waves
A new slot is now unlocked every 5 waves until wave 50
The Esrever gamemode now reverses game music
The Zooooooom gamemode now increases game music pitch
The Speedrun gamemode now increases game music pitch
Altered the soulless & Nightmare soundtracks to fit with dynamic soundtrack system
A certain gamemode now changes the game music pitch
Removed the flashlight easter egg
Updated credits
Added more tips
Removed tips mentioning filler cards
Your username is now displayed above the player on battle royale mode
Heavily optimized GPU Performance by removing Boss effects from shaders unless the associated boss is present in-game
Altered the Tripping Gamemode effect to reduce GPU Usage
Deleting data will now re-load the main menu
Reduced scroll speed of background in menu on higher-end PCs
Changed music file type to .ogg to reduce file size and load times
Changed some of the background enemies in the menu
Made the gamemodes Combo and Impenetrable work properly together
Removed the line of dialogue in the tutorial mentioning filler cards
Reworded border requirements in tech tree to avoid confusion
Howard now has the same dialogue for both upgrading modifiers and effects, and only says it once
Howard now explains the card info button and the ability to compare card stats
Howard now lets you skip through his dialogue much faster
Howard now lets the player know that they can re-enable hints from the menu
Altered some secret character mechanics
Reworded the Copy Paste gamemode description
The Copy Paste gamemode now increases your max power level further
Increased amount of sounds that can play at once to reduce audio clipping in late game
Increased minimum time between repeated sounds playing to reduce audio clipping in late game
Fixed a bug where gamemodes would remain enabled after deleting data
Fixed a bug where the difficulty score would increase from tech tree upgrades
Fixed a bug where Howard would talk about a card leveling up while in-game
Fixed the custom cursor jitter bug (Hopefully… I spent hours fixing this thing)
Fixed a bug where the menu background would remain red if dying during a bossfight