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HellEscape » Huge refactor to collision detection and rendering!

Main stuff:
– I made a big refactor to collision detection that increased performance by a lot (at least for me) + made many monsters collision a lot more accurate.
– In addition, I made the collision detection while on mounts more accurate.
– Also optimized rendering.
– Added ‘Brutality’ mechanism – special points you gain while having a “multi kill” title in the corner. Its not yet used, currently its just a counter in stats, but I have some plans with it.

Anyway since I made a lot of changes to collision and rendering, please let me know if you encounter any new bugs as a result. Thanks!

All changes:
– Added one more level to ‘Quality Food’ powerup.
– Made camera movement smoother.
– Made Lava River slightly stronger.
– Made Time Stop last a bit less.
– Added optimizations in collision detection.
– Optimized rendering static objects.
– Added Brutality mechanism.
– Improved collision accuracy when on big mount.
– Improved some enemies collision shape.
– Increased enemies melee multiplier over time.