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Zombie Party » *Huge Online Update 10.1*

Hey guys!

I’ve got a bunch of big news!

First off, I spent a few weeks entirely reworking the networking code and the online play is nearly perfect now! No more lag, graphical glitches, and networking crashes! I need your help this week to test out the online and find bugs. Let me know anything you find!

Second, after nearly a year in Early Access, Zombie Party will be leaving Early Access next Friday (June 10th)!!!! As this is an exciting time, it does not mean that develepment for Zombie Party will stop. The game is at a good size with hours of content, and there’s still a bunch of stuff im excited to add to the game! This will mainly allow me to move forward with bringing ZP to consoles!

I need help this week finding all the bugs! Ill be releasing frequent updates and working with you guys to get things compeletely stabalized. Thanks for your patience!

Major notes from 10.1 –
+ HUGE Networking overhaul – online play is 1000x better / lag-free.
+ Play with 4 people online seamlessly – with full controller support!
+ Graphics quality option – use low graphics to get better FPS.
+ Tutorial option is hidden from main menu, once played thru.
+ Left bumper now used to cycle item quickslots.
+ Tons of online fixes and enhancements, let me know what you think!

Major notes from 10 – (never had a formal announcement)
+ Huge graphics overhaul!
+ Pets! Rescue them from bosses, or find them in the dungeons!
+ Dogs, Cats, Faries, Elephants, Pigs, Birds, Robots, Porcupines, Snakes, Jellyfish, and more!
+ Pet Sanctuary! Relax, play with your pets, and check their stats!
+ Randomized Potions!
+ Procedural Melee weapons! Sometimes infused with magic!
+ Thrown weapons – grenades, bombs, firebombs, mines, stickies, etc…!
+ UI redesigned!
+ Funny drinks!

Thank you for everything guys!

This year has been incredible!

Ill soon be releasing a more focused list of the remaining features/content I plan to be adding to zombie party. Stay tuned!! n_n

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That was where it all began! 🙂