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Mechanibot » Huge Demo Update!

Hey Mechanibots, I’ve been working hard on a huge update for the Mechanibot demo! Here’s a quick overview of the biggest changes.

So, So Many New Robots

There’s so many new robots that I lost count after twelve or so! Each class of robot now has at least four robots within that class, including high-level, legendary robots. (Which, it should be said, will need to be unlocked in the full game.)

Some of my favorite new robots include the Flameshot, whose arrows leave a trail of fire, the Laser, who creates small, short-lived helper bots with high attack speed, and the Berserker, whose attack damage is amplified by how high its health gets.

A New Player Ability

The player now has access to the Magnet Pull ability! Using this, you can now pick up multiple robots at once! Perfect for getting your fragile dudes out of harm’s way.

What Else is New?

I’m glad you asked because the answer is: SO MUCH. Here’s some of the most notable smaller-but-still-extremely-important changes!

– New crystal crab enemy! Shoots waves of spikes that don’t feel good on contact.
– Huge visual update. Robot and enemy colors unified to be more consistent and help with visual clarity.
– New background art for Planet 1.
– Tons of fixes and tweaks to help everything run more smoothly.

Until Next Time

It’s just me working on Mechanibot and I wish I could work on it full time, but progress is going well and I’m very excited to finally share this huge demo update with you! Please feel free to use the in-game Feedback form to let me know what you think and please consider wishlisting the game!