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Viking Survivors » Huge and New Update! – Viking Survivors

Hello community,

Get ready to embark on an epic journey as we unveil the most colossal update in the history of Viking Survivors! We’ve listened to your feedback, delved into the heart of battle, and emerged with a slew of exhilarating features that will push your survival instincts to the limit.


Survivors Mode: Face the ultimate challenge as you fight off relentless hordes for 30 minutes and prepare for the showdown with the formidable final boss.

Roguelike Mode: Sail across the unpredictable seas, encountering foes and events on every journey. Procedurally generated content ensures that each run is a unique, unpredictable adventure.

Infinite Mode: Test your endurance against unyielding waves of monsters. Beware, a powerful boss emerges every 10 minutes to keep you on your toes.

Difficulties: Choose your destiny with Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme difficulty settings. Only the bravest will conquer the harshest challenges!


Bosses: Prepare to face formidable adversaries, including Brannvakt, Huldergronn, and Blodbrann. Each boss brings a unique set of challenges and rewards.

Characters: Play as the mighty Bjorn, the indomitable Ragnar, or the cunning Ivar. Unleash their unique abilities and face the trials ahead.

Stages: Explore the fiery realm of Muspelheim and the frosty landscapes of Jötunheim. Each stage presents its own set of challenges and surprises.


Khopesh: Introducing a new active item with a boomerang effect! The Khopesh passes through enemies, wreaking havoc in its path.

Save Your Progress: Fear not, warriors! You can now save your game in progress and return later to continue your epic saga.

Item Evolutions: Watch your items evolve and grow stronger as you progress through the game. Adapt and overcome with enhanced equipment.

Achievements: Prove your mettle with a range of challenging achievements. Only the most valiant will earn their place in Viking history.

World Ranking: Compete with fellow warriors on the global stage. Rise through the ranks and claim your spot as the ultimate Viking survivor.

This update is more than just a patch—it’s a transformation! Prepare to be immersed in the world of Viking Survivors like never before. Grab your weapons, steel your resolve, and let the battle begin!

May the gods favor the bold!

Family Devs.

Viking Survivors – 0.4.0


  • Survivors mode: Survive 30 minutes fighting against relentless hordes of thousands of monsters and defeat the final boss.
  • Roguelike mode: Sail across the sea, facing numerous foes and events on your journey. The content is generated procedurally, each run is unique.
  • Infinite mode: Survive as long as you can! Battle against unyielding waves of countless monsters. Every 10 minutes, a boss appears.
  • Difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme.
  • Bosses: Brannvakt, Huldergronn and Blodbrann.
  • Characters: Bjorn, Ragnar and Ivar.
  • Stages: Muspelheim and Jötunheim
  • New active item – Khopesh: Passes through enemies, has a boomerang effect.
  • You can save a game in progress so that you can continue playing later.
  • Item evolutions.
  • Achievements.
  • World ranking.


  • Now the progress of the demo is saved.


  • Several minor issues.