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Outer Terror » How-To Outer Terror [Session #8]

Here is our latest How-To Outer Terror [Session #8] DEVLog – Pro Strats

Please Note:

**Online mode for Outer Terror Requires both players own a copy of the Game**

For Steam users, both Remote 2Player mode and Remote Play via TV single player have both been activated.

Developer Salt & Pixel & VoxPop Games present…

OUTER TERROR is an all-new hyper Minimalist stylized gameplay loop with advanced roguelite elements.

Each player (1 or 2 players Co-Op) chooses from 10 survivors with various weapons and skills to battle against unending waves of otherworldly creatures.

As the difficulty increases, the player will be able to upgrade and gain new weapons and powers.

Each map is massive and through exploration players will discover other survivor hold outs and treasures.

All culminating with massive boss encounters, Elite Creatures from Beyond, ghouls, robots, and otherworldly abominations.

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