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Astronarch » Hotkeys and More (v.1.5.6)

General Changes

  • There is now an option in the settings to always display the stats of heroes.
  • Types of damage are now named when you hover them in the battle log.
  • A clickable button to pick a random hero is now visible in the tavern.
  • There is now more hotkeys, and all hotkeys can now be changed in the settings. The hotkeys are:
    • Sell Item (while hovering or dragging, only at a merchant) – F key (default).
    • Toggle Map (open and closed) – W key (default).
    • Start Combat – Space (default).
    • Swap Hero Areas – A key (default).
    • Pick Random Hero (at tavern) – R key (default).
    • Use Potion Slot 1-5 – Numbers 1-5 (default).

Note: There is a restriction with the platform the game is built on (GMS) where it can not detect the buttons on the sides of mice. Clicking the scroll wheel (Mouse 3) does work for hotkey binding, as well as scrolling up and down, but additional mouse buttons can not be detected.

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