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Extremely Powerful Capybaras » HOTFIX – V1.0.2


  • Players that have died in multiplayer run are now able to select an Ability in the Level Up menu and also level up their Primary Weapons in the Treasure Pot menu. This was made to solve a few different issues that were happening due to players being dead during level up or when a Pot was opened.


  • The Feedback Menu (F8) has been optimized. It is now faster to open it and send feedback.
  • When players are writing in the Feedback Menu, they can no longer move their capybaras in the background.
  • Added a special check for Training Grounds players that reviews the requirements for certain achievements to make sure that they are activated in the full game build.

Thank you all so much for playing our capybara game and giving us your feedback! We have been working hard to fix the issues you have been sending us. Meanwhile, keep sending us any issues that you encounter through F8! 🐾🍃