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Elewar: Fused Survivors » Hotfix v0.7 #7

  • added steam cloud saves
  • (Big buff for build making) relic reroll will now always roll different relics, until all relic options are exhausted (previously this was valid for a single reroll and not all of them)
  • relic of garbagio: 2% Crit perk efficiency per percent of the lowest negative resistance
  • relic of pacing: now additionally gives you +1 relic reroll
  • relic of transcendence: now also sets your life to 1, but also applies 50% of flat health regen to shield instead. Shield per heart lowered slightly to compensate for new synergies
  • buffed the chance for extra relic/prophecy whirl/potential rift to appear as a choice reward for the square event
  • added a text to the fusion of the spells, saying you can only fuse once per run
  • added a text to the epic relic version, saying that you might only encounter an epic relic once per run
  • fixed a bug with one of the evolved elementalist modifiers