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Elewar: Fused Survivors » Hotfix v0.7 #10

  • added the option to change keyboard bindings
  • added the option to change controller bindings
  • when rolling the secret slot modifier on items its value will always change
  • you can now banish perks even if those cant be currently picked (utility perks locked behind elements)
  • minimap can now be seen while you are distributing lvl-up perks, scaling to normal size no matter the options setting to not overlap with the lvl up window
  • added keyboard + controller icons
  • “???”- slimes wont die by the insta kill blessing anymore. They aren’t just normal slimes, right?
  • changed the font color for utility spell upgraded mods
  • changed the masochist class power text slightly to make it clear you can no longer have any non-temporary shield
  • player effects will be automatically turned on when starting a new run