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Power Fantasy » Hotfix V0.181

  • Fixed the stat panel to show damage taken again
  • Purchased item mods are now getting correctly removed from the pool
  • The merchant doesn’t offer companions you already purchased anymore
  • Added coins to Rudolphs gifts
  • Fixed the movement of companions, they don’t appear to be “anchored” anymore
  • Gundels burn area now reapplies burns every 0.5s instead of every 1s
  • Mimics cant be frozen and burnt before they get activated anymore
  • Fixed the spawn location of Mimics
  • Corrected the description for Whisper of Death
  • Corrected the description for the unlock Merchant II
  • Removed the old unlock requirement for the challenge shrines
  • Fixed a bug with the challenge Snowball Fight not spawning after defeating Krampus