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HiveCorp » Hotfix v.

Hard at work

We’re working as hard as we can to root out what’s causing the game to crash for some players.
And thanks to your help we’ve managed to pin-point some of them and added fixes that SHOULD reduce, hopefully completely remove, the chance for crashes to occur.

If you’re still experiencing crashes after this fix:
– Update your drivers
– Re-install the game
– Restart your computer

Patch notes

– Implemented a fix for a crash that could occur when the post run Score Screen was supposed to pop up.
– Added overall stability and safety checks to the game.

We’d like to also take this chance to clearly state that we’re not experiencing these crashes on our end. We therefore ask you to be patient with us and also send over any information you got, the more detailed your report is, the better!

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you!

/Anjou & Veldt, Counterspell Studios