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Ember Knights » Hotfix Update v1.2.1

Hello, Knights!

As big of an update as Knights Reforged is, we had a surprisingly small amount of issues. However, there were some and thanks to your help, we identified and fixed a handful. Please take a look at the issues we fixed in this hotfix patch!

Note: items marked with 🔥 are a result of player feedback

  • Adjusted various Ember Tree upgrade costs
  • Updated a few enemy values for endless looping
    • Loop 1
      • Enemy Health – 400% (was 200%)
    • Loop 2
      • Enemy Health – 800% (was 400%)
    • Loops 3+
      • Enemy Health – continues to double on every loop
      • Enemy Damage – continues to double on every loop
  • Note: No change to scaling on enemy attack speed, move speed, or spawning
  • Fixed a bug with the Ember Blade where attacks couldn’t be canceled by rolling 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Doppleganger’s seeking projectiles that prevented them from spawning 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Cleanup Crew that was causing voltage traps to be destroyed when one of the minibosses is defeated 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Praxis where he could dash or teleport out of bounds 🔥
  • Fixed a bug where the revive prompt wasn’t clearing after being revived by defeating a miniboss or boss 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Super Rerolls where it was causing the game to lock when used in the Relic Refinement selectors and shops 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Absolute Ambition where it was multiplying its skill damage increase 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Steward’s Gift where it wasn’t spawning the Steward properly
  • Fixed a bug with the Ember Tree’s Bonus Gems upgrade where it was showing the wrong icon when locked
  • Fixed some visual issues with overlapping elements in the Ember Tree
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing costs from showing in the swap menu of the Ember Tree
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Perfect Room and Perfect Boss banners to stop animating when the game is paused or the player inventory is viewed 🔥
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where Perfect Rooms and Perfect Bosses were desyncing between the host and clients
  • Fixed some minor localization issues 🔥

Fixed on November 28th – b4024
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to revive in online multiplayer games 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with Overlord Mack where he was getting stuck and locking players from progressing 🔥
  • Fixed a bug where Guardian Bow’s Perfectionist charge attack was registering as a third attack 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing duplicate projectiles from Eye of the Storm being destroyed 🔥

That’s it for now. Thank you for your continued support!
-Doom Turtle

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