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Ember Knights » Hotfix Update v1.0.2

Hello, Knights!

We’re close to wrapping up everything for our 1.1 update but we wanted to get some of these fixes out before then, so we’ve prepared the following hotfix patch. Please see below for everything that’s included.

Note: items marked with 🔥 are a result of player feedback

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the player to get stuck behind the door when reviving in the True Praxis boss room 🔥
  • Fixed a few bugs that were preventing clients from entering the tear to the Architect’s Realm when the host is dead 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Arbiters to spawn Grimlins out of bounds occasionally getting stuck and softlocking the player 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Praxis to escape the boss room via his Killer Grasp attack
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Champion Gar-Ghoul to occasionally travel and get stuck out of bounds 🔥
  • Fixed a few bugs that were preventing players from rejoining games via Steam invite 🔥
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where disconnected players could prevent the viewing of other players’ inventories 🔥
  • Fixed a visual desync issue that was causing clients to see more health than they have when a miniboss or boss is killed and they have the Earned Vitality Ember Tree upgrade active 🔥
  • Fixed a few visual issues with the Rotworm’s spawn animation when spawned from the Champion Rotworm
  • Fixed a few visual issues with miniboss and boss health bars

We’d like to send out a really big thank you to our community for helping us identify and troubleshoot most of these issues!

That’s it for now…see you all in a few weeks for the 1.1 update!

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