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Deathtide » Hotfix – Patch 2.0.2b

Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Due to a recent landslide of negative feedback I’ve received today, I have created this small patch to fix all issues that were reported. Have a good one, and I hope you enjoy playing the game!

Do keep in mind I’m a solo developer working around 70 hours every week on this project, so if you ever encounter any issues, report them and I’ll always try fix them on the same day, weekends and holidays included, so please be patient.

• Decreased the initial cost of talents, while keeping the overall price of a full build the same, so new players can progress faster and enjoy the game if they encounter some hurdles.
• Doubled the damage bonus of casual difficulty.

• Fixed a small oversight that caused the buff “Blessed Protection” to never show up when levelling up.
• Fixed a problem that prevented Solar disc from reaching level 10.

• Decreased the enemy base health increase of Nightmare+ to 2% per rank (Now they have should up to 10% extra base health at N+5, instead of 15%)
• Fixed a problem with a couple of Nightmare+ modifiers causing weird bugs.

• Removed the lectern at Plaguebringer’s boss arena.
• Decreased the amount of wasps summoned by Plaguebringer.
• Increased the brightness of Plaguebringer’s noxious attack.
• Increased the size of the hitbox of the Werewolves by 25%.

Updated the demo version to 2.0.2b