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Deathtide » Hotfix – Patch 2.0.1b

This small hotfix was made to add full compatibility with the Steam Deck native resolution, and it’s also an attempt at fixing the Steam Cloud integration with the Steam Deck.

WARNING: Before opening Deathtide Survivors on a different platform you where you might have a different set of save files, you will be prompted by steam to choose which files you want (System or Cloud). Make sure to keep the version you value the most, as any file overrides will be irreversible, and completely out of my ability to fix.

Also, I would love if any Steam Deck users could reach out and tell me if the cross-platform save sync works, as we’re currently having an issue with Steam forcing the game to run on Proton with the Windows version, even though the game has a Linux version.

With that out of the way, here is the changelog for patch 2.0.1b:

• Refactored the Screen Resolution code on the Settings menu, making it now completely compatible with the Steam Deck native resolution, and also made resolution changes stable.
• Fixed the Steam Cloud Sync, which wasn’t working properly before.
• Fixed a couple of unbalanced Nightmare+ Modifiers.

I recently pushed a couple of hotfixes without patch notes or version numbers, here is what changed from 2.0b so far:

• Fixed a problem where the Quests menu had an image overlay that stopped players from interacting with it, as if it were the demo version.
• Rebalanced all spells.
• Added a better highlight on spell selection for Controllers.