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HiveCorp » Hotfix Early Access v.


First of all we would like to say thank you for all of your support that made this release happen!
Thank you for your continued support as our studio learns and gets better each and every day!

Regarding crashes

We’re sorry to hear that some people are experiencing crashes. Getting this fixed is our highest priority!
Therefore we’re rolling out a hotfix that includes multiple fixes for all reported crashes.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us should you face issues with the game!

From what we can tell, progress is not lost even though the game crashes for some players.

Patch notes

– Implemented fixes for a crash that occurred when score screen was about to be opened for some players.
– Implemented fixes for a crash that could occur after defeating the boss on Paleography.

Balance changes:
– Buffed Primary Weapon Rifle, we felt it was underperforming in relation to other Primary Weapons.
– Buffed Synapsis Interface to grant 10% XP per rank instead of 5%.

– Permanent upgrade Projectile now shows percentage as intended.
– Updated Tooltips in Primary Weapon talents.
– Updated Dialogue texts.

While this hotfix might have fixed some issues, we will be continuously monitoring our community and our Discord should anything new come up.

Good luck out there mercenaries!

/Anjou & Veldt, Counterspell Studios