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Eldritch Exterminators » Hotfix #5.2


  • Improvements to the main menu
  • Completely reworked enemy spawning


  • Improved Performance of enemy movement

Enemy Balance

  • Hammer Slime Health 54 -> 48
  • Enemy Vulnerability cap 100 -> 10
  • Ghost Cyclops Speed 84 -> 80

Artifact Balance

  • Soft Hides: Enemy Vulnerability 2 -> 1

Gameplay Balance

  • Increased the blast size of bombs by 50%
  • Reduced the amount of Ichor Flasks required by 80% after the first flask is obtained
  • Increased knockback to enemies on taking damage and leveling up


  • Fixed mimics not being affected by enemy speed artifacts
  • Fixed Deckbuilder Rune not being obtainable
  • Fixed Love Taps crashing the game
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed a crash when using the controller and losing a round
  • Fixed an Eldritch Burst not working correctly
  • Fixed a soft-lock when banishing artifacts
  • Fixed Irtokan not working
  • Fixed Adrenal Boost not working