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Eldritch Exterminators » Hotfix #4.1


  • Bounce now will bounce off of the sides of the screen as well


  • Soul of the Adiras: Critical Chance 5% -> 0%
  • Soul of the Madman: Fire Rate 30% -> 32%
  • Soul of the Berserker: Damage 20% -> 35%
  • Soul of the Berserker: No longer banishes special artifacts
  • Speed Decrease per Tribulation -1 -> -2
  • Enemy Health Increase per Tribulation: 15% -> 20%
  • Knockback Effect Delay 0.4 -> 0.2


  • Fixed Soul of the Phantom giving Soul of the Harreth
  • Fixed Soul of Adiras being a 3-round burst rather than a 2-round burst
  • Fixed Soul of Adiras increasing Projectile Spread rather than decreasing it
  • Fixed Banishing an artifact makes the new one unselectable
  • Fixed Soul of the Cursed not giving a starting curse
  • Fixed Tribulation 4 affecting enemy speed rather than player speed
  • Fixed being able to unpause the game while the pause menu is up by pressing in the empty space
  • Fixed the Cyclops Eye not having it’s story text