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Bounty of One » Hotfix 0.25 (1) Small addition to Necromancer’s pact + bugfixes


  • – Added infamy won tracker on each character (will you be able to complete 50 with all characters?)
  • – Added procedural generation of the map each time you launch a game
  • – Added catch phrases for Fickle bullet and Sharing is caring
  • – Added max infamy won text on Necromancer’s Pact


  • – Fan of knives rarity rare -> epic. Fan of knives now charge after each shot.
  • – Tesla field starting area is now 15% bigger
  • – Mezcal Mantle now spawns 26 -> 36 projectiles over the course of 1.8s
  • – Running on fumes damage bonus 20% -> 30%
  • – Lucky strike rarity epic -> rare


  • – Fixed Controls getting locked in upgrade selection after player 1 died in multiplayer
  • – Keyboard custom controls no longer reset on game launch
  • – Players can’t select infamy levels they haven’t unlocked anymore
  • – Fixed player taking 2 damage in infamy below 10
  • – Mythical upgrades shown in Encyclopedia
  • – Slow projectiles from daily struggle does not active anymore in other game modes