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Tiny Rogues » Hotfix: 0.2.0 V5

  • Fixed a massive oversight. Previously only your unspent Souls have been correctly converted into Mastery EXP. Now also your spent Souls contribute to that value. This means if you unlocked and spent Souls in the previous version you now already levelled up in mastery level. Please note that your playtime will not match because before the save state rework mid 2023 the game didn’t track the times of your runs.
  • Fixed that some class unlocks might have disappeared (Wizard, Mystic, …) because their unlock conditions changed. The game now checks if you have ever done a run on these classes before, and if yes, they will be unlocked for you.
  • Cinder modifiers are now only active when they actually have been unlocked. Previously some players would be stuck on a certain cinder level due to the unlock requirements for cinder modifiers changing.
  • Additionally, the unlock requirements for cinder have been changed from defeating Death at Cinder 4/8/12 to 3/6/9.
  • Fixed that a few descriptions in the game gave the same value instead of multiple different values. E.g.: Puncture said “5 to 5 damage” and Rainbow Staff listed the same damage number 4 times.
  • Fixed that the “copy save slot” functionality on the beta branch of the game was broken.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hope you are enjoying the update.
– RubyDev