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Halls of Torment » HoT Update 2023-11-24

Update – Known Bugs

  • Switching to uncommon variants does not carry over buff effects
  • Holy light does not trigger Warrior’s Fervour
  • Wyrms on Ember Grounds are stuck
  • Max. HP can go into negative
  • Warrior’r Frevour variant not working at all

We’ll be fixing bugs early next week, please keep reporting!

Hello Adventurers!

We have another small content update for you!
In this patch we’re addressing the more defensive items, trying to make them more interesting, relevant, and balanced against what you can get out of them compared to traits.

Level 5 Progress

We are making steady progress on the 5th world, but since this will be all new with a lot of new enemy types, animations, and gameplay features, it will all take a bit longer to cook. Currently, we do not expect this to be finished this year, but rather early next year.
Until then we’ll work on smaller updates like this to keep improving the game.

Crashes and Performance

Thank you all for your feedback and the many crash dumps you’ve sent us. They are still very helpful and we are tinkering on many rough edges to improve the overall stability of the game.
Because the technical details are quite involved, we aren’t listing any changes regarding stability. But in general, after the update, crashes should become less and overall performance should improve, especially for abilities like Hailstorm or Arcane Explosion.
If you continue to experience crashes, please let us know and send us the data!
More information here:

What’s Next?

Regarding the smaller content updates, we’ll keep adding quests, ability upgrades, and new items as well as improving the existing ones. Since this patch is focussed more on item rework, in the next patch we’d like to focus more on getting additional ability upgrades into the game, aside from other new content (including items).
This update should most probably arrive before Christmas and it will be coupled with an engine update from Godot 4.1 to Godot 4.2. I will also contain adjustments for the freshly added content depending on your feedback.

Change Log | 2023-11-24

  • Various performance optimizations
  • Fixed several crash causes and improved overall stability

  • Health potions and power ups now have simplified markers
  • Red markers are for potions and have a max. distance of 50 meters
  • Yellow markers are for power ups with a max. distance of 100 meters
New Items

Holy Relic (Ring)

  • Unlocked by the existing Cleric quest “Trained Cleric”
  • Includes two variants (Duality) and (Blessing)

Every 30s when damaged: Place Holy Light
> Heals 50HP and regenerates 0.5/s for 100s
Every 30s when full health: Drop Power Up

Warrior’s Fervour (Necklace)

  • Unlocked by the new Norseman quest “Warrior’s Fervour”
  • Collect 10 Power Ups in one run.
  • Includes two variants (Lingering) and (Potency)

Activates on picking up Potions or Heal Magic.
For 15s: +100% Damage & Attack Speed

Shepherd’s Boon (Necklace)

  • Unlocked by the new Warlock quest “Horde Summoner”
  • Have 20 Summons at the same active
  • Includes two variants (Numbers) and (Focus)

Per active summon: +0.10/s Regeneration
On full health, apply buff on every tick.
Tick Speed: 30s + 6s for every buff.
Buff: +5% Damage (Summon)

Item Reworks

Defiant Plate (Body)

  • Updating normal version of the item
  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Passive) and (Reactive)

On Damaged: +3 Defense for 10s (max. 30)
On Damaged: +0.5/s Reg. for 10s (max. 5/s)
For 6s undamaged: +3% Force (max. 30%)

Fighter’s Headband (Head)

  • Updating normal version of the item
  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Champion) and (Prepared)

Effect triggers when an Elite or Boss appears.
For 20s: Regenerate 1%/s
Always Spawn: Health Potion
Spawn on Full Health: Power Up

Pace Setters (Feet)

  • Updating normal version of the item
  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Recovery) and (Unrest)

Accumulate 5s not moved: Heal by 1%
Full Health: +20% Attack Speed
Wounded: +20% Movement Speed

Blood-Soaked Shirt (Body)

  • Updating normal version of the item
  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Rage) and (Undying)

On kill with 10% chance: +1 HP.
On full health when killing a foe:
0.4% chance for +1% Damage (Max. 50%)

Blood Catcher (Necklace)

  • Updating normal version of the item
  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Life) and (Enhancement)

On 200x max. HP damage dealt: +10 HP
Each time triggered: +1% to damage threshold.
On full health: +0.5% Damage (max. 50%)

Scars of Toil (Necklace)

  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Capacity) and (Sacrifice)

Per 1 HP missing:
+0.1% Damage

Maiden’s Tear (Necklace)

  • Updating normal version of the item
  • Replaced uncommon version with new variants (Quick Charge) and (Brimming)

Requires to be charged. (30s)
On Hit: Negate damage, charge is used.
While charged: +30% Force & +30% Damage


Astronomer’s Orbs

  • The hit rate now scales with the orb amount in the Orbit
  • eg. with 15 orbs the hit rate is now every 0.1s instead of 0.5s for each enemy
  • Decreasing Base Damage from 40 to 30
  • Decreasing “Material”-Trait Base Damage improvement from 7 to 6

Mask of Madness

  • Doubled health reductions
  • Buffs reduced to 1-2%
  • Changing ratio of buffs
  • Damage 50%, Attack Speed 33.3%, Multistrike 16.6%
  • Expanded description of “Degeneration”-Variant
  • This variant scales with Health Regeneration
  • Mask of Madness now lists added sum of buffs in it’s stats


  • Fixed that agony rank was not decreasing on death
  • Increasing the time before enemies reduce agony by 25%
  • Increasing the amount by which enemies reduce agony by 400%
  • Agony does not rubberband anymore
Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with multiple sources of invincibility affecting each other.
  • Fixed an issue with the UI input which made it impossible to navigate to all quests with the gamepad.
  • Moved the “Ice Slayer”-Quest to a new location on the quest board.
  • Beast Huntress 2/hp per level bonus did not work, it just added 2 Max. HP in total.
  • The “Frost” Trait of Frost Avalanche wasn’t applying its effect.
  • Fencer Gauntlets now do work with the Sorceress.
  • Meteor Strike’s Attack Speed is no longer extended by the attack duration.
  • The Meteor Strike cooldown now will be displayed properly.
  • Some Ring Blades opacity weren’t affected by the settings.
  • Added a note for the Specialist quest of Phantom Needles regarding double crits.



If you have any questions regarding the patch or the outlook, please comment below the news for the next 24 hours and we’ll add the answer’s here.

Do you plan on increasing monster density on Agony 5 or adding additional Agony levels?
Undecided yet. Monsters will be definitely stronger and have higher defense on higher “difficulty” levels. But Increasing monster counts also means impact to the performance. And to add to that – We have a feature in mind where you can adjust difficulty level more freely from the start of a session that unlocks with or after Agony in the feature. (If you ever read something about “Torment Shrine” – that)

Any plans on adding interactables during runs?
Yes, but we haven’t them scheduled yet 🙂

When will you add Steam trading cards and point shop items?
With the 1.0 release next year!

What’s with the mysterious stairs to the south of the “camp?”
Originally it was the exist bringing you back to the desktop. People were heavily confused during the early stages of the game so removed that functionality. But we have found a new purpose for them that will be revealed at a later time.

How exactly will a “Turbo Mode” be implemented?
It will be a modifier in the “Shrine of Torment” where you can place artifacts to modify the game. We imagine one or two of those artifacts will be to make the duration shorter. Beware: This would be agony only.

Any plans on having a “Progression” level where the player has to travel between hand-crafted areas while fighting off regular spawns?
No, that would to big for Halls of Torment. There might be possible some handcrafted landmarks being added on the current maps, but that is the extend we’ll probably go with the base game.

Are there any plans for adding a gold sink?
Yes, but they’ll take a bit more time as they are not so high priority right now.

Are there any plans for localization into different languages ​​in the future?
We’ll translate the game for the 1.0 release. Before that we’ll continue in English only to hasten development. (Maintaining translations has a big overhead)

Any chance for a male/female variant for every class? What about other cosmetic customization?
Most likely no. While it would be great, because it is a pure 2D game with hundreds of sprites per character not only would it blow the size of the game, it would take months to create 1-2 additional skins for each character. That’s the scale of a whole new stage including all enemies and bosses.

Anything in game that explicitly says how force applies to each individual weapon would be very helpful. Does force increase effect on hit %?
During a run you can open the statistics with [Space], you can look through all abilities and items, and any line with (Force) tagged is affected by Force.

Do you guys have any plans on buffing summons?
Buff is a difficult word, but the Skeleton and Imp Ring will get a rework much like the rats. Also, Spirit Warrior’s ability will get better balance, we believe that it’s currently not as usable as it should be. Outstanding are also 3rd Ability Upgrades for the Golem and Spirit Warriors.

Take care! 🥕

– Chasing Carrots