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Halls of Torment » HoT Patch Update 2023-10-16

Hello Adventurers!

As we’re continuing our work on further content for Halls of Torment, we wanted to slot in a smaller bug fixing patch. This includes fixes for a couple of oversights we’ve had in abilities, traits, and quests.

We’ve also added a second frost based ability called Hail Storm. The balance in elemental damage sources was a little off with only one frost based ability, so we felt like this would make the selection of abilities more rounded.

We’re also looking into items in general. Our plan is to slowly improve on our items throughout future updates, and make more different item combinations viable for your character builds. As a small peek into those changes we’ve reworked the Blazing Shell armor. Additionally to its burn on player hit function, it now burns enemies in closer range to the player in given time intervals.

This is a rather small patch, and we know that you are patiently awaiting further content updates. We are working on those, but some types of content require more time than others. For example, we cannot ship a level before it’s finished in its entirety (monsters, bosses, and all that comes with them). That would hardly be an enjoyable piece of content. So entire levels are expected to take longer, while new abilities and items can be added on a more regular basis. That said, please expect upcoming updates to be a little bit further apart than the previous patches.

And here are the changes:

Change Log | 2023-10-16
  • New frost based ability: Hail Storm
  • Reworked Item: Blazing Shell. It now burns enemies in the player’s vicinity and additionally when the player gets hit by an enemy.
  • Added class specific icons for proficient stance traits.
  • Added missing icon for Frost Affinity trait.
  • Added missing icons for Elemental Surge traits.
  • Added missing icons for Berserker Boots and Ring of Ice items
  • Added voice sounds for Lord of Pain.
  • Phantom Needles stats got extended.
  • Phantom Rift Area can now be upgraded.
  • Astronomer’s Orbs stats got finished up.
  • Tome of Mastery can handle Ability upgrades and fallback options (Alms and Health) correctly
  • Elite beasts in Frozen Depths have now normal elite HP
  • Fixed piercing on bullets and chain lightning
  • Transfixion has been partly counted as physical/main weapon, not anymore.
  • Sometimes when players picked up multiple overlapping items on the floor, only one of them actually got registered while all others have been ignored (and deleted).
  • Arcane Splinter force now properly affects the duration of the bullets, especially fading was fixed
  • Phantom Needles and Kugelblitz are now properly affected by Multistrike
  • Longliving Quest reward unlock description fixed from “Duration” to “Force” blessing
  • Stat tooltips now show proper format for additive mods. Also, stats now are more precise.
  • Some minor stability fixes under the hood.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented stat changes on cascading effects (like bullets spawning bullets). This also affected the proper display of certain ability stats (e.g. Meteor Strike).
  • Fixed a bug that some “Effect on Hit” modifiers would show 0% chance in stats.
  • Phantom Needles and Kugelblitz showed wrong attack speed stats.
  • Sorceress no longer gets range traits shown per default.
  • Archer now has range traits per default.
  • Settings Menu: Ability Effect Opacity slider was not accessible via gamepad.

What’s Next?

As mentioned above, we are working on more content. But these things take a little more time than patches and bug fixes. If possible, we’ll try to bundle smaller content additions and release them as smaller updates. We also want to revisit early and mid game content and add a couple of things to make the overall game progression more interesting. In any case, we’ll keep you posted.

Take care! 🥕
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