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Survivors of the Dawn » Hot Fix V.0.3.442EA

Howdy partner!

Thank you each and everyone of you for the overhwelming support and love you have given Survivors of the Dawn in this past 48 hours! We are lost at words in gratitude. 🙏🏼

PSA: We are sorry for the huge update sizes, we are working on that, trying new compression methods. The new compression methods may take up larger space. It will be fixed as soon as possible.

Here’s the issues fixed according to what was submitted by you:
  • Auto aim issue at the first boss of the Wasteland map.
  • Auto aim logic has been improved.
  • Map difficulty levels balanced.
  • Unable to damage one of the enemies in the Wasteland map.
  • Enemies passing through the rocks around (may still contain a small margin of inaccuracy).
  • Player going over environmental factors and getting stuck between.
  • Meta Upgrades issue.
  • Overlap of Armory UI and weapon modifiers.
  • Terminals (Salvage Pods, Kill Enemy Terminals, Shops) occuring inside rocks.
  • Random event repetition within the same level.
Plus, an addition:
  • Contributor names for Turkish, Japanese and Chinese localization have been added in Credits.

    With special thanks to:

    – Emre ‘jamie’ Kişioğlu (Turkish)
    – R4NDO (Japanese)
    – Rico.Se7en (Chinese)

  • If you’d like to help us with the localization of your Native language, join our Discord server!

Huge thanks & cheers!
indieGiant Games 🤘🏻