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Slaycation Paradise » Hot Fix 3 + Demo Update

Hot Fix 3 – Minor updates and fixes

A grab-bag of fixes and general user experience improvements… plus the Demo has been updated to take all the recent updates (including this one!)


  • Poison bile fx more visible, and clearer where the damage radius is.
  • Improved visibility on Chunder Puppet enemy type.
  • Fixed an area the player could get stuck in Terra Feralis.
  • Resolved dodge roll audio not playing once upgraded with Void Step.
  • Fixed an on-board Intel graphics bug that made some fx not appear.


  • Minor nerf to the level 2 regeneration perk.
  • Added a few ‘streak breakers’ to ensure players are guaranteed to be exposed to a few more high tier weapons.
  • Re-worked the Disco Mime trophy behavior so it’s not as confusing for some players.