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Halls of Torment » HoT Fix | 2023-11-27

Hello Adventurers!

Over the weekend some bugs appeared that required squishing. These fixes will solve some problems you may have encountered with the latest patch. Please restart Steam in case you can’t see today’s date in the main menu.

Change Log | 2023-11-27
  • When swapping item versions, their counters (and accumulated buffs) were not kept.
  • Holy Relic now heals you for the fixed 50 HP.
  • Power ups and health pickups from items can no longer spawn out of bounds.
  • Characters can no longer drop below 1 max. Health.
  • Shepherd’s Boon bonus on full health only charges when being at full health now.
  • The Focus variant of Shepherd’s boon now increases main weapon damage.
  • The Summon Ring’s had a bug where the base increase of summon counts would be applied multiple times. This resulted in hundreds of minions when using the Shepherd’s Boon.
  • The Brimming variant of Maiden’s Tear now properly adds a 60% bonus.
  • The gem spawn positions on the Viaduct are now calculated more accurately.
  • Wisps and Wyrms are no longer getting lost in the Frozen Depths as they’ve been taught how to navigate through the passages.
  • Wyrms on Ember Grounds are back at work.
  • Possessed Effigy (that nice little statue ghosts on the Viaduct) have their effect on Agony reduced.
  • Decreased the effect of monsters on Agony in general, making it decay slower.
  • Removed all the speed modifiers from Champions.
  • Corrected a balancing mistake with Viaduct and Frozen Depths not scaling monster spawns properly.

Please note that we’ll observe the Agony balancing results and adjust further if needed.

Cheers! 🥕
– Chasing Carrots