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Halls of Torment » HoT Fix 2023-10-17

Hello Adventurers!

Thanks for reporting all the issues with the latest patch.
We have fixed the most important bugs.

This should also recover save games in many cases.
To make sure the save game loading is working properly, restart Steam if it was open since the update of yesterday.

If there are still issues left, please let us know. If you want to manually check your save files, you can do that here:

Change Log | 2023-10-17
  • Hailstorm spikes got adjustment to improve performance
    • Increased base damage
    • Lower spawn rate
    • Shorter duration
    • Delayed spawns
    • Increased area for spikes
  • Hailstorm “Updraft” trait got the base damage increased from 10 to 40
  • In some cases save files were lost, they should be back now
    • A restart of the Steam environment or the device (Steamdeck) might be needed.
    • If you still have problems with your current profile, we recommend restoring the most recent profile backup in the profile menu.
  • Uncommon Berserker Boots do now use the new icon.
  • Arcane Rift got its blast animation back.
  • Hailstorm spikes visibility can now be adjusted through the ability visibility.
  • Game got stuck when opening the Steam Overlay.
  • Hail Storm quests are now properly unhidden, when adjacent quests have been completed.

Take care! 🥕
Chasing Carrots

UPDATE EDIT (2023-10-18): There seems to have been a little mixup while releasing the hotfix. Apparently it hasn’t been updated properly, but the fixes above should be available now. Players on the experimental branch are not affected by this. Sorry for the delay!