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Slaycation Paradise » Hot Fix 2

Hot Fix 2 – Quality of Life Improvements

This one’s a bit more than just a hot fix — there’s a bunch of improvements and even a few new things in there…


  • Fixed a bug where blueprints didn’t unlock reliably.
  • Fixed a balance bug where higher rarity drops weren’t respecting the loot table rules.
  • Fixed 12 text legibility issues for Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), and Spanish languages.
  • Resolved a rare but annoying soft-lock bug when killing two bosses at the exact same time.


  • Minor buffs for a few under-utilised weapons.
  • Increased challenge on higher difficulties. You should definitely feel it…
  • …but also increased item drop and rarity rate to counter this. Higher difficulty = better and MORE loot.
  • Nerfed the wand output damage…
  • …but increased its inherent Corpse explosion damage. Bigger risk/reward payoff, but harder to solo it.
  • Tweaked the blueprint drop rate rules to make it a more fair experience, and less purely random.


  • To promote fresh weapons, added an upgrade limit on the number of levels you can invest into a weapon.
  • Added the ability to extinguish some status effects when dodge-rolling. Corrosion/poison/burn/etc.
  • Added a secret easter-egg. It’s dumb and tiny and I don’t recommend trying to find it.