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Slaycation Paradise » Hot Fix 1 + Demo Updated

Hot Fix 1

In addition to the Demo being updated, we’ve got a quick-fire hot-fix comin’ at you:

– Sightseeing shard rewards are now given and tallied correctly.
– Disco Mime music now disables correctly.
– Default Redistributables are now set on the Steam Dashboard; hopeful fix for a number of crash-on-launch bugs.

If you still experience a crash-on-launch, please get in touch and share your log file!
Details here:

Demo Updated — The Better-er edition

The Slaycation DEMO has been updated ːsteamthumbsupː

A metric slop-bucket of improvements, polish, and updates…
The demo is now representative of the launch version of the game.
– Many quality of life updates.

– Full localization support (and options menu) for…
* English
* French
* Spanish
* German
* Japanese
* Chinese (Simplified)
* Chinese (Traditional)
* Russian

– Many stability improvements and bug fixes. Most notably…
* Sightseeing shard rewards are given and tallied correctly.
* Fixes missing text displays.
* Resolves that annoying motion-blur-disabled bug! Yes. That one :O

NOTE: if you have any issues updating the demo, make sure to try verifying the install files:
1) Right click on your library > Slaycation Paradise Demo > Properties…
2) Local Files > Verify integrity of demo files.