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Doughbee » Hot Fix/ 1/2Noob Patch

While implementing some changes to the tutorial, and adding a CPU Bot to help out noobs/keep you company on single player I found a fatal bug :/ oof. luckily it was easy to squash once I knew it existed.

The game would crash because bullets could connect with boss spawners (which they were not suppose to) and cause issues.

I don’t know how me or any of our beta testers had not run into this one sooner, with our hours and hours of gameplay.

My apologies if this affected any of your runs with the game seeming to suddenly crash on round 10 or any multiples of 10 up to 100 (since that’s when the bosses spawn) . Its hard to find all the bugs by myself being the only dev, so bug reports, and feedback are much appreciated.

This patch also includes half of the official Noob patch since I am way too sleepy to continue , but I could not Sleep without fixing that previous issue.

1/2Noob Patch
You can select a CPU helper in the main Menu and C.A.L.M will help you fight in survival
Right now the CPU helper is tied to a tutorial so you’ll have to learn the controls when using their help
this will change by September 22, when the patch is finished, you will then be able to choose
whether or not you need the tutorial and the help or just the help.

Sgiggies Now have text reactions, they still need much more text lines but ground work is here!
I didn’t want to reveal this yet, but sleep must be had and a decision must be made