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Halls of Torment » HoT Experimental Update 2023-12-07

Update 2023-11-12:

– Fixed Uncommon Shadow Cloak, it had the base values.
– Wooden Ring (Growth) is now additive and not multiplicative bonus.
– Concentrated Strikes no longer ignore single enemies.
– Description of Explosive Strikes adjusted -> deals damage based on LS damage.
– Explosive Strikes damage reduced from 50% to 30% of LS.
– Description of the LS Specialist quest was updated -> can only count LS direct damage, ES do not count.
– Torment Score wasn’t properly tracked.
– Arcane Unrest did not apply to Elemental Splinters, instead the bonus was multiple times added to normal projectiles.

Update: In the first upload of the patch there is a bug where no monsters spawn on agony 5, this bug has been corrected. Please restart Steam to make sure you have the fix!
Update2: Fixed the quests in the ending screen, the issues with the potion of oblivion and the normal chest not dropping uncommon variants in agony.
Update3: Fixed the “Reach Agony” quests.
Update4: Fixing FireSplinter info and Arcane Elements splinter are now also Magic.

Greetings Adventurers!

We have just updated the experimental branch of the game. We’ll be testing the next update until next week before setting it available for everyone. There are several technical changes in the background that may cause unforeseen problems as we’ve just officially upgraded the game to run on Godot 4.2, and changed some rendering and data structures.

Generally speaking, the game should load faster and perform better without any visible differences, even without performance mode on. At the same time because of these structural changes the game might be a bit unstable at the moment and we need your help to let us know about crashes and other bugs.

To join, right-click the game -> properties -> Betas and change the participation to “experimental”

Experimental Change Log | 2023-12-07
  • Updating the engine from Godot 4.1.4 to Godot 4.2
  • Adding Twitch integration to support user votes on Abilities, Items and Traits
  • Reworking data structure for faster load up speed
  • The normal (not performance) mode is now longer rendered on higher resolution
  • -> In normal circumstances this will be no visible change from before, the text will remain sharp, performance in normal mode will improve
  • Agony decay has been entirely removed
  • -> Losing an agony level on death is still a thing
  • -> Agony will increase by 1 level every 5 minutes
  • -> Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice we are willing to make
  • Flash intensity setting is working again with better scaling
  • Disabled filtering of base traits (Area, Range, Crit Chance, Crit Bonus, Force)
  • Adding options to add an outline to the cursor

Lightning Strike
  • Concentrated Strikes upgrade has been added
  • Targets the monster with the highest Health and then spreads around it
  • Also adds damage bonus for each elemental stack on enemies
  • Adding quest “Lightning Strikes Specialist” to unlock the new upgrade
  • New quest can be found on the Viaduct quest board
  • Explosive strikes can now apply Burn
  • Exploding Strikes no longer cancel out with Electrifying Strikes
  • Base Damage of Lightning Strikes has been reduced
  • Attackspeed and average hits per second has been increased
  • Traits were adjusted to account for the balancing change
  • Lightning Strikes now attack faster with higher Attack Speed to avoid Strikes being lost

Arcane Splinter
  • Arcane Elements upgrade has been added
  • All projectiles get a random element with a 20% chance to apply elemental status effects
  • Adding quest “Arcane Splinters Specialist” to unlock the new upgrade
  • New quest can be found on the Viaduct quest board

  • All base stat items get a new uncommon variant (Growth) which will need to be leveled and should outperform the (Boost) variant after 70-80 levels
  • Some base items like Quickhand Gloves and Runner Shoes were improved
  • Echoing band base range has been increased
  • Adding uncommon Echoing Band that can trigger with magic damage
  • Elemental Resonator was buffed
  • Replacing previous uncommon variant to also trigger with magic attacks
  • Adding a new uncommon variant (Chaos) that makes that every element has a chance to add any or all of every other elemental status effect

Bug Fixes
  • No more negative Health (for real this time)
  • Holy Relic’s Light does now count as source for Warrior’s Fervor
  • Holy Relic’s uncommon variant now also scales with itS own light
  • Blood Catcher (Enchantment), the temporary Attack Speed buff is now working
  • No more potions stuck in the well, the wellkeeper threw them away
  • If one has now all available bottles in the inventory, no more additional bottle drops
  • Sometimes pointers to items would not disappear
  • Scorched Slayer quest now properly shows Blazing Armor as reward
  • Several Typos and descriptions

The update will move over for everyone by Tuesday – Thursday next week. (12th – 14th December)
Achievements will be added on official release of the update, completed quests will unlock achievements as soon they are added when the game is started.

Cheers! 🥕
– Chasing Carrots