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HordeCore » HordeCore Update v1.09


Our first big update for HordeCore is live!

Following your suggestions, we have now added permanent alternative keybinds for left-handed players! They’re all active by default and work in tandem with all the previous keybinds, so you don’t need to change anything.

These are the alternative controls:

  • ARROW KEYS = Movement
  • RIGHT SHIFT = Sneaking
  • NUMPAD 1, 2, 3 and 4 = Abilities (alternative)
  • NUMPAD 0 = Swap characters
  • RIGHT CTRL, ENTER/RETURN = Pick Up / Use / Interact

We appreciate your feedback on these, and fully intend to continue to improve on accessibility wherever possible.

– You may now craft Skill Modifiers in your camp. Experiment away!
– Boss fights have been tuned and revamped, adding a new dynamic layer of enemy spawns on Bob, Bog Beast and the Guardian;
– Opening a card pack once your collection is already full will now provide you some scrap;
– Wooden barriers in the Crossroads have been adjusted to improve their hitbox detection, making it easier to hit enemies through them;
– Added a visual selection feedback when you make the final decision in the Story mode.

– HARD difficulty mode has been slightly tuned, making overall enemies about 10% harder to kill;
– Boss resistances and damage has been slightly buffed;
– Trojan hordelings have been slightly buffed;
– Trojan hordelings have been made more prevalent across the game;
– Wastelands game mode threats scaling has been improved to have a wider array of different threats earlier in the map’s progression.

– Fixed an issue that could cause you to have too many animal companions in a mission, preventing you from swapping to other characters;
– Fixed the missing loot boxes inside the Factory interior;
– Fixed an issue that could cause card packs to display 99 cards opened and/or freeze the game;
– Fixed an issue that could make your cursor pointer (the red arrow) to get stuck during a card game;
– Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from being able to play new cards during the card game;
– Fixed ranged units in the card game sometimes not being able to attack;
– Fixed an issue with Sebastian’s deck in the card game, where he would try to play nothing but Triple Threats;
– Fixed an issue with the UI of tournament mission indicators remaining stuck on screen after a card game had already begun;
– Fixed an issue with the UI of the first dialog with Woody being outside of the screen on some resolutions;
– Fixed the collider on one of the ramps before the elevator in the Construction Site that the player could get stuck on;
– Fixed an issue that could cause you to have the wrong inventory stash after finishing story mode;
– Fixed a missing UI tag that displayed how to use abilities on local co-op characters;
– Fixed the Extermination objective on “Mysterious Desert 8.5” (Story Mode) that was not spawning the target correctly;
– Fixed a couple of dialog lines that were not displaying properly when rescuing animals;
– Fixed name tags on the character discarding screen when your camp is full;
– Fixed an issue that was preventing your followers from aiming and shooting at Trojan hordelings;
– Fixed an issue that caused Trojan spawns to be extremely rare in the Wastelands;
– Fixed some instances of missing UI objectives text and lines that did not update properly;
– Fixed some instances of missing colliders in the Crossroads level.

Thank you for the feedback and reviews! We are set to make your HordeCore experience an even better one.

Have fun!