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Skelly Selest » Ho Ho Ho Patch v8.20

Hello again Heavenly Keepers! The Hellions stir with.. festive treats?

A Christmas mode has been added which runs through December. It’s pretty much just a reskin of the Halloween mode, so instead of pumpkin headed meanies they’re now snowman headed, whilst candy canes line the stage and Crimbo cakes and presents are strewn longingly. Like the Halloween mode you can turn it off in the settings if you’re Scrooge, or choose to keep Christmas alive forever!

There’s various other bits and bobs tweaks and changes related to feedback and improving compatibility…

– Updated the game’s engine to the latest version of GameMaker so the issue some were having with fullscreen slow down should be fixed now and should generally have better compatibility.
– The game can now show sub-pixel graphics which makes movement a lot smoother (most noticeably the camera movement that follows the player).
– Darkened and slightly changed the hue of the floor so enemies stand out a bit better.
– Reduced the black border dither by default during play.
– The game now defaults to fullscreen and 1280×720 resolution (to conform with Steam Deck requirements).
– The game will now auto-update the active gamepad each time a button is pressed.
– Added Xbox and Playstation gamepad control icons. The game will now auto-update these icons based on the last button press (showing either Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox, Playstation).
– Re-organised the game mode selection menus so there’s less faffing around in sub-menus. For example the Vessel selection is now made after the game mode selection and pressing Down will take you to the hat selection.
– Pressing down in the game mode selection screen will bring up the online high scores for that game mode.
– Added a Menu Confirm/Back button that all menus use and can be set to any of the action buttons in the Settings menu.
– You can now rebind the mouse buttons in the Settings menu.
– You can now delete your entire save file, or just your settings in the Settings menu.
– On the title screen the game’s version and Menu Confirm/Back button tips have been added.
– If Mouse Controls are on then opening the Escape Menu or Status Screen now allows you to move the cursor offscreen.
– Pressing Menu Back on the title screen will now replay the text intro.
– Skelbomb: Increased their bomb’s enemy collision mask when exploding so it’s easier to blow up meanies.
– Sinned Animus vessel unlock: Blighted Host vessel bullets can now break the chains as otherwise there’s no way for him to unlock it.
– Amaurotica Redeemer Trial: Changed the stark white to a more mellow pink so your eyes don’t melt.
– Fixed a few bugs.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays! :]