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Highway Rampage » Highway Rampage Summer Update!

Howdy, long time no see! Hope you have enjoyed rampaging through the desert so far. We’ve been hard at work on a new slate of updated content to explore and explode – a complete rebalance of the enemy spawn rates and health pools, huge graphical and QOL additions to the garage and added a bit more controller support! But, we’ve saved the best for last – the roster is now complete! That’s right, we’ve got 6 more drivers for you to unlock and deploy, bringing us to a total of 24 unique vehicles of all shapes and sizes!

New Features
  • 6 more drivers to unleash on the wastelands
  • Visual scroll speed is now variable, some vehicles are faster/slower than others
  • Adjusted scaling of enemies to each zone, as well as rebalancing enemy HP/spawn rates
  • Added left stick support for xinput controllers
  • Hovering vehicles can now miss some ground obstacles
  • New unique headlights for all vehicles, friend and foe!
  • Some new tunes, as well as some rebalancing of the sound mixes
  • New background transition art for moving between zones
  • QOL and visual additions within the garage menus

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Titanitrain to stay on rails
  • Bosses and enemies adjusted for difficulty scaling
  • Various text fixes within the garage

As always, thanks for playing – we’ve got a little more in store for you before the release out of early access, so stay tuned!