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Vampire Hunters » Highscore and Art Contests with Steam Gift Card Prizes

Hello Hunters,

To celebrate the holiday season and the release of our latest Major Update, we’re hosting a Highscore challenge! Play the Survivors Mode, and your highest score will automatically be added to the game’s leaderboard. But don’t worry too much, every participant has a chance to win!

We’re giving the following prizes:

  • 🥇1st place – 30$
  • 🥈2nd place – 20$
  • 🥉3rd place – 10$
  • Random participant – 10$
  • Random participant – 10$

If anyone finds a way to cheat their score, we’ll delete it from the leaderboard (mechanics and possible bug exploits are okay).

Additionally, we’re hosting an Art Contest on our Discord server! The goal is to create art depicting how you imagine the Hunter to be. Gamecraft’s team will pick the art we like the most!

We’re giving the following prizes:

  • 🥇1st place with progress (no AI allowed)- 20$
  • 🥇1st place overall – 20$
  • Random participant – 10$

To win the first place with progress you must provide a detailed breakdown of your artwork’s process, from ideation through work in progress, all collated together on one sheet.

Those that submit the art with the progress are, of course, also competing for the 1st place overall. You can submit as many art pieces as you wish but the random category will be selected by participant.

An art piece can’t win in more than one category.

Join our Discord and go to art-contest channel to participate!

Both contests will run until 15 January.

If more people than we expect participate in the contests, we’ll add even more rewards, so share this with your friends!

We’ll contact the winners via Steam to give the Gift Card.
We are located in Brazil and the Gift Cards will be localized to your currency automatically via Steam:

  • R$150,00 -> $30
  • R$100,00 -> $20
  • R$50,00 -> $10

We are super excited to run our first contest! We are crafting Vampire Hunters with a lot of love for you to have a lot of fun playing it!

We wish you all a great holiday! We have a lot of awesome things planned for Vampire Hunters in 2024!