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Heretic's Fork » Heretic’s Fork Hotfix

Minor patches and fixes to the game!

* Added some checks to prevent any potential crashes when launching the game with incorrect playlist data
* Added some checks before playing music in case of incorrect data
* Fixed players getting stuck in the “malware” scam blur state without having the new email to remove it.
* Fixed the game crashing on exit if a judgment tower exists.
* Replenish has a max cost of 7, and max card options of 7.
* Fixed Niya ability triggering twice
* Mimic card will no longer be able to pick Sine Sprayer (sine sprayer is unique)
* Severance card will no longer attempt to duplicate Sine Sprayer
* Combining Invigaron cards sometimes does not give you the correct result
* Fixed issue where if the game ends during a turn then the time is still paused when starting a new run

Thank you all for the amazing support ❤️