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Heretic's Fork » Heretic’s Fork has the Most Innovative Gameplay?

Greetings Heretics,

We’re super excited today to announce our nomination for the Most Innovative Gameplay on Steam Awards, our dedicated team of one solo-developer is tirelessly working on the game since we released it back in September, and we’ve been hard at work delivering major update after another and next month we’re going to publish our fourth-biggest major content update which will be free and not a DLC of course, we’re also working with some world-famous music bands to include their music into Heretic’s Fork as well as more collaboration like you’ve seen with Running With Scissors and their popular franchise POSTAL!

It’s very incredible to reflect on our journey and the path we’ve taken and the decisions we’ve made, and it is just the beginning, we released 3 months ago, and we’re still breaking new records every month.

Heretic’s Fork Team!