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Heretic's Fork » Heretic’s Fork | Abyssal Update

Are you ready for October Update? 👺

Before you get into today’s update, we hit 1,000 reviews earlier this month, and we’re at a staggering 1,100+ reviews! 🙌 and for that, we’d like to send each one of you a warm THANK YOU from both 9FingerGames and Ravenage Games for the massive support we got on this game ❤️

Now let’s dive into the hot stuff 👺

➕ Torment mode

Unlocked after the credit sequence. Allows for an extra challenge after beating the game.
Torment progress is per character, and the player unlocks each torment mode subsequently. This mode is entirely optional. Runs in torment mode reward extra credits and higher scores with 5 new achievements for beating each torment level on any character, More rewards are in progress.

When torment mode is unlocked, the player will also gain access to a new folder, allowing them to buy 4 new cards for high cost. These are powerful cards and will not be available until torment mode is unlocked, they will also not appear in the collection until they have been unlocked.

    🎃 Halloween Event

    A new file should appear on your desktop called halloween23.exe, running this file will unlock the following:

    • A Halloween wallpaper
    • The Spooky Niya variant
    🖼️ Desktop Wallpapers

    The desktop wallpaper can be changed in the in-game desktop, with more wallpapers coming soon™️.

    🎆 Character Variants

    Character variants are unlocked in many ways, as can be thought of as skins with extra effects attached to them. There are currently 4 new variants.

    • Unknown Tormentor ⁣ – Unlocked by completing a shift on Unknown 3 times
    • Tormented Ruby⁣ ⁣ – Unlocked by completing a shift on Intern Ruby.
    • Spooky Niya⁣⁣ – Unlocked by running Halloween23.exe.
    • Messy Denny⁣ ⁣ – Unlocked by completing a shift on Denny Fox 3 times
    👁️‍🗨️ Socials

    A new folder on the desktop leads to the Heretic’s Fork socials such as Twitter, Discord as well as a new community link to the voting website. It also has a warning prompt to ensure the player knows it will open an external URL.

    🎼 New OST DLC: Perverse Visionary Collection

    The music will be added by default for free in the game, but if you’d like to support the artist behind these masterpieces, feel free to purchase the DLC to have it available to download on your device!

    📃 New playlist system
    • Select/deselect all feature
    • Organized by album, with the option to select/deselect all via album.
    • The mini-player is now available in the options menu of the pause screen in-game.
    🔨 Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed an issue that caused meta narrative progress to not carry over between builds. (emails, dog, whiteboard etc.) This fix will only affect future updates. It might also fix some issues with player crashing on startup.
    2. Updated “Sinners Punished” meter to stop it looking weird and overlapping.
    3. Added some missing symbols in Ukrainian font
    4. Player can now right-click menu items. (fix for specific eye tracking software error)
    5. Fixed some depth issues in the menu
    6. Fixed an issue where days would not increment properly
    7. Mitigated an issue where Butcher of Sins could do over 50% damage if its damage was converted.
    8. PrintScn/F12 steam screenshot should now work (hopefully)
    9. New desktop wallpaper for people who own Zapling Bygone
    10. Increased difficulty of Heresy

    As always, thank you for your continuous support everyone, stay tuned for the updates ❤️

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