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Adrenaline Rampage » Here it is, Adrenaline Rampage – new version!

Hurry up

Adrenaliners, are you ready for the hottest news of November🔥🔥🔥

Here it is, Adrenaline Rampage – new version! 💣

And that’s what we did:
⚙️ Features
Added ability to disable autofire in settings – for mouse-assisted play.
Added progression system – complete achievements and get rewards: new characters, skills and money.
⚙️ Controls and system
Added gamepad support in game – in raids, in menus gamepad is still being finalized
Improved control in the menu from the keyboard
Fixed bugs related to controls
Added graphics settings
⚙️ Characters
Axeman character is strengthened
Attacks with greater distance
Damage and attack speed increase with each hit
Blastman character is strengthened
Increased the amount of HP by one and a half
Increased armor
Has a three-time bonus to Regeneration perk
Demoman character is strengthened
Increased the number of hp in one and a half times
Increased the armor
Increased the capacity of the store twice
Reinforced character Turretman
Slightly increased armor
⚙️ Balance
Killer boss removed from third minute. You’ll meet him later
Gravity trap
– Reduced range of flight
– Base damage quadrupled
– Maximum damage increased by one third
Napalm drone
– Reduced number of shells
– Recharge reduced
– Increased Damage
– Extended duration
Plasma drone
– Evolution formula changed
⚙️ Multiple changes in the interface

We wish you interesting sensations and great matches.

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