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Helldivers » HELLDIVERS™ deploys on PC today!

Today Arrowhead and Super Earth Command welcomes all brave PC players to the Helldivers!

HELLDIVERS™ is now available to play on Steam and you can find your nearest recruitment center (store page) right here .

Watch the trailer here


Citizens, make the most important decision of your life and join the Helldivers! We have a responsibility to liberate all who suffer outside the Freedom and Democracy that Super Earth brings.


  • HELLDIVERS™ for $19.99
  • HELLDIVERS™ Digital Deluxe Edition (Game + all DLC) for $39.99

HELLDIVERS™ includes all three free expansions for everyone, up to and including the latest – HELLDIVERS™: Democracy Strikes Back.

Read more about the expansions here:

Turning up the Heat

Masters of the Galaxy

Democracy Strikes Back

For those who wish to spread even more democracy, individual DLC packs and bundles are also now available.

Citizens of Super-Earth, the fate of humanity rests in your hands, we welcome you, your friends and family to report to your nearest recruitment center for training.

Important safety tips for all new Helldivers:

  1. Remember; friendly fire – isn’t.
  2. Taking out enemies before they eliminate your squad has proven to substantially increase the likelihood of survival.
  3. HELLDIVERS’ uniforms are not fire proof.
  4. Being hit by objects, such as Hellpods, launched at supersonic speeds from orbit may cause bodily harm.
  5. Other instances beside the government may try to spread false propaganda.
  6. Don’t be afraid of dying, another HELLDIVER will take your place.
  7. Don’t drink and drive.

So… Are you ready to step up and take your place among the HELLDIVERS?

Get out there soldier, and #SpreadDemocracy today!